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Optimum: two

Optimum: two The Sunday Mail, 25 September 2016 Queensland, Australia by Jackie Sinnerton Lesbian couples make the best parents, with research showing their children have higher levels of health and wellbeing. Studies show a lack of gender stereotyping and equal sharing of traditional nurturing roles creates stronger family bonds and happiness. A snapshot of studies on same sex couples released ... Read More »

“Dad” in 100 languages

my big gay family baby guitar

For two mum or two dad families, deciding to have kids is often easier than trying to decide what each of you will be called. If you’re struggling to find a name for yourself, it might be worth looking abroad. Check out the list below for how to say ‘Dad’ in 100 different languages.   Afrikaans : vader Albanian : ... Read More »

One Card, Robin and Jason: Hallmark #CareEnough

Ivy and her two dads, Robin and Jason, are featured in a new commercial by Hallmark. If you’d like to see more of this gorgeous family, you can find them on Instagram @daddy_robin Read More »

We Will

‘We Will’ follows the story of a lesbian couple in Australia; from their first date, their first awkward kiss, up until their wedding day. This short film is about the normality of same-sex relationships. Claire (Bianca Bradey) and Rachel (Madeleine Withington) are just like any other couple. The love that they share is the same as anyone else’s, and they ... Read More »

Foster Moms: creating permanent love in a temporary home


Foster care is the toughest parenting gig. It requires selflessness, compassion, patience and unending love provided to children who arrive unexpectedly, stay as long as they need to (from hours to years), and can leave suddenly. They arrive with no bags, but much baggage. Foster carers are thrown into a world of frustration, anxiety, and uncertainly as they struggle to ... Read More »

Baby names with pride

gaybymama - virginia woolf

You’ve swept through the family tree in search of a meaningful baby name and the Beryl’s and Gordon’s just aren’t going to cut it for the kid you’re baking. One way to give them a name that is filled with meaning is to dip in the rich pool of queer history and give them a name they can wear with ... Read More »

Becoming Adam: one guy’s journey from mama to dada

becoming adam 1

Adam is 25 and lives in Northern Colorado with his partner and their son. When he’s not making blades for wind turbines, he’s reading about space, or oceans or animals – he just loves to learn. Adam is also a transgender man, a father rediscovering, rebuilding and reaffirming himself in a world that prefers the status quo. In the process ... Read More »