10 things I love about being pregnant

ladyladybaby 10 things i love about being pregnant

Day dreaming– A large chunk of my day is dedicated to letting my imagination out of it’s box to wonder at just what this tiny little son of ours will be like. What interests will he have? Will he share a love of science and art like his mummy or will he be intrigued with gaming and technology like his ... Read More »

Jana, Susan, Landon and Bryce

Gaybymama - Jana and susan - first family picture

Meet Jana and Susan, a two mum family navigating the world with their twin boys! Read More »

Lindsay and Evie

gaybymama - Lindsay and Evie - family 3

Showing us that being single shouldn’t stop you from realising your dream of being a mum – meet Lindsay and Evie. Read More »

Alex Smith: The why and how of induced lactation and shared breastfeeding

Why would anyone want to encourage their body to produce breast milk, if they’ve never been pregnant or had a baby? In a worldview comprised of mum, dad, and 2.5 kids, inducing lactation or sharing breastfeeding often doesn’t rate much of a mention. But there are many situations in which inducing lactation, or sharing breastfeeding between both parents, makes sense. ... Read More »

Alex Smith: “Are you feeding that baby again?!” – normal breastfed babies vs social expectations

If you’ve ever breastfed a baby, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve also heard someone – a friend, a family member, a work colleague, a random stranger in an equally random place – pipe up with an offhand comment seemingly designed to undermine your breastfeeding confidence and cast doubt on your intuition. Top of the list for many parents when it ... Read More »

“Who is in your family?” posters


Rainbow Families Council – Victoria, Australia Who is in your family? Posters and a resource kit for early childhood services and primary schools. Click on each image or link to download the documents. Read More »

Alex Smith: Dude, where’s my village?

gaybymama breastfeeding

My first column for My Big Gay Family. No pressure, but here’s hoping I do alright. This is a feeling all too familiar from the early days of parenting and breastfeeding: No pressure, but here’s a small, entirely dependent human being. Don’t mess this up. Oh, and we lost the instruction manual, every model is unique, and we don’t accept ... Read More »

Shauna, Candice and Oscar

gaybymama - Shauna and Candice- family 3

Two Australian mums with the sweetest little boy, please meet Shauna, Candice and Oscar! Read More »