What do kids call you if not mommy/mummy?

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If you’re a two mama or genderqueer family, trying to decide what your kids call you can be complex. Especially if the traditional mummy/mommy/mama/names just don’t feel like they fit. Compiled below is a list of names others in your situation have come up with. If you have any to add, feel free to comment below! Maddy (a mom daddy) ... Read More »

“Dad” in 100 languages

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For two mum or two dad families, deciding to have kids is often easier than trying to decide what each of you will be called. If you’re struggling to find a name for yourself, it might be worth looking abroad. Check out the list below for how to say ‘Dad’ in 100 different languages.   Afrikaans : vader Albanian : ... Read More »

Foster Moms: creating permanent love in a temporary home


Foster care is the toughest parenting gig. It requires selflessness, compassion, patience and unending love provided to children who arrive unexpectedly, stay as long as they need to (from hours to years), and can leave suddenly. They arrive with no bags, but much baggage. Foster carers are thrown into a world of frustration, anxiety, and uncertainly as they struggle to ... Read More »

Alex Smith: The why and how of induced lactation and shared breastfeeding

Why would anyone want to encourage their body to produce breast milk, if they’ve never been pregnant or had a baby? In a worldview comprised of mum, dad, and 2.5 kids, inducing lactation or sharing breastfeeding often doesn’t rate much of a mention. But there are many situations in which inducing lactation, or sharing breastfeeding between both parents, makes sense. ... Read More »

Becoming Adam: one guy’s journey from mama to dada

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Adam is 25 and lives in Northern Colorado with his partner and their son. When he’s not making blades for wind turbines, he’s reading about space, or oceans or animals – he just loves to learn. Adam is also a transgender man, a father rediscovering, rebuilding and reaffirming himself in a world that prefers the status quo. In the process ... Read More »