What will they call us?

What do kids call you if not mommy/mummy?

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If you’re a two mama or genderqueer family, trying to decide what your kids call you can be complex. Especially if the traditional mummy/mommy/mama/names just don’t feel like they fit. Compiled below is a list of names others in your situation have come up with. If you have any to add, feel free to comment below! Maddy (a mom daddy) ... Read More »

“Dad” in 100 languages

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For two mum or two dad families, deciding to have kids is often easier than trying to decide what each of you will be called. If you’re struggling to find a name for yourself, it might be worth looking abroad. Check out the list below for how to say ‘Dad’ in 100 different languages.   Afrikaans : vader Albanian : ... Read More »