Reciprocal IVF – making a baby with your partner’s embryo

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It is becoming increasingly common for women to carry an embryo developed from their partner’s egg and donor sperm.

The reasons to choose this path are varied. One partner may have a medical condition they don’t want to pass on. They may be unable to carry themselves. Or they simply want the experience of carrying their partner’s biological child.

Whatever the reason, the process is the same. The partner donating the egg will be required to undergo a round of IVF. The only difference is that after one or more embryos have been created, they are placed into the partner.

Costs for reciprocal IVF can vary widely. Depending on your local coverage or public health service, you may be covered for none, part, or all of your IVF costs.

If you or your partner has a known medical condition, you may be able to get the procedure to be covered by insurances or public health. If not, you may be required to pay the full IVF costs.

Reciprocal IVF is a unique for two women to share the baby making journey, if that is something that is really important to you.