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Optimum: two

Optimum: two The Sunday Mail, 25 September 2016 Queensland, Australia by Jackie Sinnerton Lesbian couples make the best parents, with research showing their children have higher levels of health and wellbeing. Studies show a lack of gender stereotyping and equal sharing of traditional nurturing roles creates stronger family bonds and happiness. A snapshot of studies on same sex couples released ... Read More »

“Dad” in 100 languages

my big gay family baby guitar

For two mum or two dad families, deciding to have kids is often easier than trying to decide what each of you will be called. If you’re struggling to find a name for yourself, it might be worth looking abroad. Check out the list below for how to say ‘Dad’ in 100 different languages.   Afrikaans : vader Albanian : ... Read More »

Reciprocal IVF – making a baby with your partner’s embryo

Reciprocal IVF – carrying your partner’s baby MichaelsFamily paperfox studio my big gay family

It is becoming increasingly common for women to carry an embryo developed from their partner’s egg and donor sperm. The reasons to choose this path are varied. One partner may have a medical condition they don’t want to pass on. They may be unable to carry themselves. Or they simply want the experience of carrying their partner’s biological child. Whatever ... Read More »